Have you invested precious time building a career that isn't aligned with your core gifts, skills and passion?

Having an incredibly successful career shouldn't require you to sacrifice doing what you truly desire nor the high-salary you are currently making!

Get Ready for CATAPULT!


Space is limited and applications will be reviewed as they are received.

CATAPULT is a transformative, career coaching program for high-achieving women leaders in mid to senior level management who are unfulfilled, ready to uncover the most aligned career for them and transition within the next 6 months without taking a pay cut. 


You are a high achieving woman who seems to have done everything right. You have checked all the boxes. You got the degrees, mastered corporate politics, built great relationships and had great impact at Fortune 500 companies. But something is still missing. 

70% of professionals are unfulfilled in their career*. As hard as it is to admit, you are one of them. Externally, you have it all together but getting the energy to do your job well gets tougher and tougher. 

You started your career because someone told you that you would be good at what you do. And you are damn good at it! But your work no longer feels in alignment with who you are and the impact you desire to make. You have been chasing the American Dream - but a big part of that dream was never yours to begin with. 

You have attempted to look at other career options or entrepreneurial ventures. But there are two main issues you are experiencing - you lack clarity on the most authentic career move for you and you are scared of walking away from something that you have invested so much time & money into. Not to mention, leaving that six-figure salary behind ain’t really your cup of tea! 

You want to transition into work that is impactful and aligned with your core gifts, skills and strengths. And badly! But fear, a desire for clarity and lack of an effective transition strategy keeps you stuck building a career that just doesn't energize you anymore.

But your efforts thus far haven’t gotten you there. 

*Source: Gallup Workplace Insights Research



Maybe you’ve learned some lessons (like what NOT to do), but no matter how much you try to make your current career enjoyable... you still feel unmotivated and can’t seem to bring your A-game which isn’t like you at all!

Giving up sounds tempting when it looks like NOTHING will work. But the thing is... you’re COMMITTED to making this Career Transition happen -- and cracking the code on how to leverage your core gifts and skills to build an incredible & fulfilling career and life! 

You've already tried: 

  • Ignoring the evident. You know you need to shift but fear keeps you stuck.
  • Moving to a different company or industry within your current career function.
  • Scrolling LinkedIn for opportunities that may inspire your next career move.

It’s frustrating and demoralizing to feel like you’ve tried (or at least considered) it all, and to be honest you’re TIRED and ready for a different way.

The real reason why these things haven't worked for you is because you have not truly taken the time to assess & identify the CORE gifts & skills you should be leveraging as the foundation for your career. 


Our approach is very different from networking with career professionals or even hiring a specialist to create a compelling resume. You are looking to move into a different area all together. You cannot successfully position yourself to transition into an aligned career role if you lack clarity on what that is for YOU, how it aligns with your values and what you need to be successful. 


Over your 12 weeks in the Catapult Your Career Coaching Program, we will focus on the following objectives:

  • Discover Your Core Gifts –  You will gain clarity around the core gifts you should leverage to build a career that is fulfilling, impactful and builds the legacy that you desire to have. We will dive deep into who you are, what motivates you and the impact you desire to have in the lives of others.
  • Career Identification & Alignment - together, we will identify the Ideal Role or Career Path for you. We will align your gifts, passions and experience with ideal career areas that you find satisfying. This will include honing in on what industries, companies and missions align with your values.
  • Develop Your Career (and life) Vision - we will dive into your values, career needs and create a vision for the life and career you want.
  • (Re)Develop Your Career Brand - You will learn how to strategically & confidently package all of your natural gifts, skills and expertise to clearly articulate the value you bring to an organization so that you can transition into your new path without taking a pay cut. 
  • Design Your Transition Plan - You will walk away with a personalized plan to move you from where you are to where you desire to be.
  • Opportunity Attraction - You will learn my secrets of leveraging the power of LinkedIn to build relationships and make connections that could help you land your next opportunity and expand your network for success. 
  • Leadership + Business Excellence - You will learn the competencies that define an excellent leader and develop a plan for you to lead with excellence in the first 90 days of your new role.

Qualification of each CATAPULT Client

There is a qualification process for each leader interested in the program. I will be personally delivering the coaching experience and I can only work with a select group of leaders who want to achieve the objectives above. I need to make sure you are ready for a career transition now and (because of my guarantee below), you’ll implement what you commit to when you agree to be a part of the program. 

Because of this, it’s imperative that every leader who aspires to make a career transition is truly ready for this level of growth and has the diligence and motivation to make the most of their time in this program to get you where you desire to be. 


  • Mid-level women leaders who are unfulfilled in their current career & desire to transition in the next 6 months.
  • Mid-level women leaders who lack clarity around her natural gifts and how she can leverage those to build an incredible career. 
  • Mid-level women leaders who feel stuck and no longer want to waste time building a career that is out of alignment & unfulfilling. 
  • Mid-level women leaders who have had great success in her current career, but want to pivot into a brand new career area or a similar path.
  • Mid-level women leaders who are ready to take action and build a career and life they love. 
  • Mid-level women leaders who are ready to do away with the external factors that negatively impact the happiness they desire to have in their careers.


  • People who desire to fully transition into entrepreneurship within the next year. 
  • People who want to continue playing small & have a fear of communicating their strengths to others.
  • People who do not believe in themselves.
  • People who are unwilling to be coached and ready to do the internal work to uncover their core nature - natural gifts, skills, talents and strengths. 
  • People who are not open to new ideas and strategies or lack ambition to make the necessary changes to achieve fulfillment and have impact.
  • People who are procrastinators and have a track record of not following through.


This is a hybrid 1:1 coaching program with on-demand training modules. This case study program is special because you will have EIGHT 1:1 coaching sessions with me plus your Energy Leadership Index Assessment debrief! The next cohort will be a group program so this is a great chance to ensure that you have a personalized plan for you!  

For now, what’s most important to know is that we use a blend of…

  • Easy to Digest Content: 

You will receive a combination of live & on-demand video training to walk you through the Catapult Career Transition framework step-by-step.

  • High Touch 1:1 Coaching + Assessments

Every other week, we’ll meet to go over your goals, strategy, and questions about the framework and process. You will receive EIGHT private coaching calls throughout our 12 weeks to make sure you are getting all of the personal attention and feedback you need. As part of the coaching program, you will also complete the Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  • Certified Coaching Strategies & Materials

In each module, you will receive coaching frameworks, templates, downloads and workbooks that will help you to navigate through the process of identifying the ideal career for you and finally making the transition you desire.





Together, we will identify & shed limiting beliefs, unveil the current energy you bring to your career, create a vision for the career you desire and identify the CORE gifts & skills you should leverage in your next career move.



Together, we will identify the Ideal Role of Career Path for you. We will align your gifts, passions and experience with career areas that are ideal for you. This will include honing in on what industries, companies and missions align with your values.


You will learn how to strategically & confidently package all of your natural gifts, skills and expertise to clearly articulate the value you bring to an organization so that you can transition into your new path without taking a pay cut.  You will walk away with a personalized plan to move you from where you are to where you desire to be.


I am 100% committed to helping you achieve your Career Transition.

That said, you might still have hesitations about whether what you’re reading on this page is truly possible for you and if CATAPULT Career Coaching Program is the best choice to get you there. 

Here’s the deal: CATAPULT is an elite option and the investment reflects that. That might make you question if it’s really “worth it,” and I get that. So in case you are still hesitating to apply, here’s a guarantee that you can bank on:

I am willing to promise you that if you fully participate in all of the 1:1 coaching calls, implement all of the work, and do not see any personal transformation or progress in 60 days as a result of CATAPULT, then I will work with you for free until you do!

If you’re truly ready for a career transition and willing to do the work to get there with the guidance and support of CATAPULT,  there is absolutely no reason NOT to apply today.


But what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working and it’s time for that to stop, once and for all.

You’re here reading this page because you’re a educated, High Achieving professional leader who’s so done with...

  • Burnout, frustration and lack of fulfillment in your career. 
  • Building a career that no longer suits you and is out of alignment with that you were made to do. 
  • Daydreaming during your work day about the career you truly want and ideating on exit strategies to get there.
  • Being unclear about your ideal career and how to transition into it. leverage to build the career of your dreams. 
  • Believing that a job is just a means to an end and you aren’t supposed to enjoy what you do. 
  • Fear of the unknown and believing that you have to walk away from your six-figure salary to do something you love. 

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO results.

You’re ready for REAL answers. REAL support. REAL community. 

Which is why you’re the perfect candidate for CATAPULT!

Because you know what happens when you finally know what you were made to do and have an action plan to transition into a new career role or function with ease?

  • You wake up every morning with confidence and clarity, excited to make a positive impact because now, you are in the career of your dreams and have the system/knowledge/support you need to handle it like a PRO.
  • You have the salary you desire because you can confidently articulate the value you bring and package all of your previous experience to catapult you into your new role.
  • Life is much sweeter and less stressful because you are in a career that is not only aligned with your core nature but your values as well. Working around the clock even though you love the job is not your desire. And guess what? You’re not doing that anymore either! You have more.

Tanika has a natural ability as a coach to help me discover insights and pathways that are just right for what I need. Whether she is coaching me on overcoming my inner blocks, or if I need to blaze new paths into my business, or any other subject, she knows exactly how to help me explore and find direction and solutions for that challenge.  I believe that anyone seeking her coaching and guidance would be extremely satisfied and inspired with all that she brings to the table.

—R. Kaplan, Whole New Level Coaching

Meet Your Coach

Tanika Fitzgerald, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Career & Leadership Transformation Coach

Hey, I'm Tanika!

Helping women to uncover their core gifts and leverage them to build an incredible career (or business) is my jam!
Seeing women come into complete alignment with what they were made to do in their career, make incredible impact and build a legacy they dream of gives me more satisfaction than words can say. 

Like you, I know the struggle of feeling unfulfilled, yet confused about what to do to change it. I wanted to be in full alignment with what I am called to do. But my comfort with the familiar and my fear of change kept me stuck.

I went from forcing myself to love the world of Electrical Engineering to accepting my personal truth that this was not the life for me. I feared walking away from something I had invested so much time and money into but I knew that my satisfaction and impact was worth SO much more! I went through a process of personal discovery to uncover my core nature (the gifts, talents and skills I was born with) and used my professional expertise to successfully transition into a career (Consumer Insights) I loved and was naturally good at doing. From there, I know I wanted to help women find the path to fulfillment in this part of their lives.

As a certified Career & Leadership Transformation Coach, I blend my business  experience & coaching expertise to guide clients through a simple and impactful process, catapulting them into a career & life aligned with their values, strengths & passions.

If you’re ready to take a bold leap to experience the same results as I and many of my clients, I’d like to invite you to apply for CATAPULT. We will get clear about your passions, struggles, goals and uncover the roadblocks to create a plan to transition into the career path you dream of.

Results don’t happen by accident. 
They happen because you have followed a system and process, taken the steps, done the work, and received the help necessary to get where you want to go as quickly as possible. 

If you’re ready to finally see those results you’ve been wanting, let’s do this!

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